Day Twenty-One: Trail Magic in Escalante

No Miles Today

A rest day in Escalante. This is a cute little town! I’ve spent most of my time over at the Outfitters which has a small cafe/ restaurant with great pizza. 

The gear shopping was a little rough. I replaced the burst 3L platypus with a 2L Dromlite and neither gear place had Sawyers. Shockingly, I found that all of the gas stations and the auto repair place were sold out of Heet! I was forced to buy a quart of denaturated alcohol and leave what I didn’t need at the gear/guide shop across the street to distribute to others. 

Then in the evening, as I was walking back to my hotel room after diner I heard a few kids call out of a car, “Jacob!, Jacob! Look it’s Jacob!” It was the group I ran into in Stevens Canyon!! I hope I get these names right- Phil, Bill, and Darrin I think (sorry if I messed that up!). They had just gotten out from Coyote Gulch and got the last two rooms in the hotel. They asked how everything was going and if I’d been able to find all the replacement gear I needed. When I mentioned that I hadn’t found a sawyer, they said, “here just take ours! That’s called trail magic, right?” What unbelievable kindness and generosity. Thank you so much!

The rest of the night was spent packing and writing postcards. This has been a relaxing town stop. Hoping to get out by midday tomorrow.

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