Day Fifty-Two: Half Day at Showerbath

Map Miles: Today: 8.6/ Total: 850.6GPS Miles: Today: 7.3/ Total: 897.2

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I was up pretty much all night with the wind and the sand. I could not be happy enough to leave that campsite behind.

I don’t know if today can accurately be described as a near-o ( a near zero day) as I hiked 8.5 miles in 7 hours, but I was done by 1pm and so that was amazing.

After not getting my short day yesterday I figured I had one more shot at it today. I may not be on the Colorado, but Showerbath Springs worked just as well.

I’ve been seeing these big beautiful white flowers since coming up the Bright Angel.

Kanab Creek flows through a high walled narrow canyon. The kind filled with lots of boulders to scramble up and jump over when you’re not splashing through the creek. A few sections had some lovely hanging gardens with flowers growing right out of the wall which helped bring a smile to my lips.

Yellow columbine? Growing amidst the ferns in the hanging gardens.

Some spots had ledges to traverse on but they were few and far between.

Super thankful to be out of the boulders even if for just a moment.

Mostly it was just a tedious climb over and around and down the boulders, just like yesterday except with slippery wet muddy feet. But it was nice to see fish in the creek!

Fish! They’re there! I swear!

I had already planned on stopping at Showerbath and I was happy for the decision as my feet just need a break from boulders. Located at a small bend in the creek, The spring drips down from the rock overhang through a mass of flowers and ferns directly into the flowing creek pool. It’s one of the neatest springs I’ve seen.

Showerbath Springs. A lovely spot to relax the day away.

With so much day left I took advantage of the time to just relax on trail and listen to the spring drip and the creek flow.

Lunch came first, then reading:

Trying to learn how to not rush and incorporate more meditation in my travel.



And taking silly photos in the spring:

I’ve carried the umbrella so far! Gotta use it when I can. 🙂

A few clouds blew in some 100 drop sprinkles so I set up my tent before bed but other then that it’s been such a fantastically restful and relaxing afternoon. I should really try to do this more offen.

Sad to precautionarily set up the tent, but what a great day!

3 thoughts on “Day Fifty-Two: Half Day at Showerbath

  1. kurtneus says:

    My first reaction when seeing the dead carcass was “bobcat” and that’s my best guess, especially with what looks like the black tip of the tail.

    The white flowers are devil’s trumpets, aka jimsomweed


  2. kurtneus says:

    The white flowers are devil’s trumpets, aka jimsomweed aka moonflower. They are toxic! Some people use them as ornamentals in their yards: a poor choice if you have children or pets. I first saw them while hiking into Canyon de Chelly.


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