Day Fourteen: Zero Day!

No Miles today!

Today was a much needed zero day. Food and laundry and rest and catching up with family and friends…and of course Polygamy Porter:

When in Utah…

2 thoughts on “Day Fourteen: Zero Day!

  1. kurtneus says:

    I’m enjoying following your travels and trying to figure out your calendar (your posts don’t seem to give the date that you were in a certain location). Are you in Hanksville today, Sunday, April 9? Do you have a map of your planned initerary? I live in Grand Junction, so we have basically the same weather you do, half a day later. Maybe it’s been windy there?


    • daybreakerhikes says:

      Thanks Kurt! I’m glad you’re enjoying following the travels. I was in Hanksville Thursday April 6- Saturday April 8. It definitely was a little windy when I was there. Just made it to Escalante last night. I hope all is well. Thanks for reading!


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