Day Fifty-Five: Unexpected Zero

Due to my itinerary changes in the Grand Canyon I’ve ended up about a day and a half ahead of schedule. My awesome friend Laura is flying out to meet me at Zion on Sunday to home the final four days with me, so it doesn’t do me any good to get there early. What to do? Take a day off of course!

My clothes were a mess and my feet were starting to crack again and I needed some supplies anyway. Hurricaine made a great stop. I spent most of the morning at the Muddy Bees Bakery, with amazing pastries, good coffee, and an indoor honeybee hive!

Muddy Bees was a great place to spend the morning.

I did all the chores, watched all the bad superhero movies, and had dinner from the local wood-fired pizza food wagon.

The Pizza Wagon! Good, quick, roadside pizza truck.

It was a great day of rest.

It’s hard to believe I’m on my final week! Thanks everyone for spending the time to read along. I hope you’ve all enjoyed sharing in the adventure.

If you have been following along and have not yet made a donation to the Hike For Hunger, I respectfully ask for you to please consider. Now’s the time! I’m currently 60% of the way to my fundraising goal, but over 90% done with the hike. Remember- none of the money raised goes to me. It all goes directly to supporting the vital services provided by Chicken Soup Brigade allowing access to healthy meals, groceries, and nutritional counseling for homebound seniors and folks living with chronic illness all around the greater Seattle area.

Any size donation large or small is so appreciated. Every donor get’s a shoutout on the blog on the day that their donation helped fund and a $100 or more donation gets you a postcard from the trail. I still have plenty to write! 🙂 It’s super easy! Just click here and you’re on your way!

Thanks for reading, thanks for donating, thanks for considering donating, and I can’t wait to share the last week with you all!

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